Director. DP. Editor. Story. Time-lapse. Movi. Travel.



Stephen McGee is a two time Emmy Award winning filmmaker living in Detroit working

with commercial clients, non-profit groups, journalism outlets and foundations and recently gave

a TED talk on drone cinematography and imagination. 


McGee has traveled to 30 countires for his film work. 


His gear includes 4k Cameras, the Movi m10, 3 axis time-lapse gear, aerial cinematography, photography and cranes  and keeps an emphasis on story and a

disciplined frame. 




The Detroit Art Scene

Over the past four years McGee has produced, shot and directed and edited  115 2-3 minute films

for The Kresge Arts in Detroit. artists who received the grant from the foundation. He has shown a film

on Diego Rivera and Frida Kalo at the Detroit Institute of Arts.


An Epic Collaboration

In 2014 McGee produced One Day in Detroit which was the largest documentation of Detroit on a 

single day in Detroit’s history with over 350 individuals and 103 partner organizations 

contributing footage to make a single episode focusing on Detroit. One Day in Detroit

was part of an 12 city initiative across the US all documenting on the same day.

Detroit was credited with better footage, deeper stories and the best overall content

which was much in part to do with McGee’s diverse social media approach and network in Detroit.  

News outlets, bloggers and social media accounts talked about this day for 3 weeks after the events.


Filming Around the World Highlights

2002 Cambodia for 3 weeks to document the impact of english education on a ancient culture affected by genocide and civil war.

2003 Angola for 5 weeks for 6 films on education, Bible translation, cultural history, war stories, doctors and rural health care.

2004 Uganda for 5 weeks to document acid burn victims, child soldiers and an orphanage for The Kim Foundation.

2005 Vietnam to teach a photo workshop and work for The Happy Hearts Fund.

2006 Ukraine to document and work for a non profit battling child trafficking.

2007. Vietnam for 35 days to create 8 films ranging from fresh water to education to transportation for the East Meets West Foundation.

2008 Honduras, El Salvador and Ghana for clean energy for small start up companies.

2009. China for 10 days to create 4 films on clean energy and clean transportation for the Obama Administration

2010  Fiji to film reefs and changing climate.

2011 Vietnam to film for a film on rural pediatric health care focusing on premature births.

2012 Jamaica 

2013 South Africa to make a music video and a day in the life for a group of squatter kids that are helped by a non profit. 

2014 Turks and Caicos 



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